Dance and Performing Arts

Dance has much in common with figurative art -- line, light, shadow, form, shape, composition, pose, and physique. Either can also be about expressing a concept or emotion. But dance adds the art of movement and choreography, and usually staging of some sort. The world of dance combines athleticism, coordination, and showmanship from the littlest dance school student to the accomplished ballerina. This portfolio celebrates the joy of dance, dancers, and other performing arts including music and theatre.


Photo and Video work honoring dancers and their art
image Art of Dance -- visual artistry presented by dancers in stage performance, practice, or working with the photographer to create specific visual interest and beauty using their talent and creativity

Dancer Portrait -- dance-themed portraiture and publicity photos

Dance School -- examples of portraits, group photos, practice, recitals from dance companies or schools.

Other Performing Arts

Music, theatre, modeling etc
Also in this gallery other performing artists and their work are featured including music, theatre, modeling -- whether on stage, publicity photos, and more.

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