Scenic and Everything Else (Other Work)

The other portfolio gallery sections highlight my specialty areas, but I have professional training and experience adaptable to other genres and project types as well. Some, like equine (horse-related photography), are areas I enjoy and do well in but there is limited demand (or time) for me to focus on them. Others are areas in which I have ability but are a bit too eclectic or conventional for me to consider 'specialties' -- so they're grouped here!


Other Genres and Styles

An eclectic mix of other work folders found in this gallery
image Nature & Scenery - landscapes, cityscapes, streets, animals, foliage, etc

Equus & Pet - Equine and pet art/portraits (with or without humans)

Performers & Publicity - models, musicians, singers, on or off stage

Dance School - dance student portraits and school photos

General Portraiture - miscellaneous portraits not part of my fine art portrait specialties

Commercial & Misc - from commercial assignments, still lifes, miscellaneous other!

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(This gallery contains no nudity or violence)