About Mythography Creations®

What lies just beyond the edge of what we call the "real world"? With the hustle of daily life and the commercialization of the fantasy genre, it is easy to forget that the desire to explore that frontier has been an essential part of human history. From the earliest cave drawings to Celtic folktales to modern cinematic productions such as The Lord of the Rings, depictions of mystical characters and places that are beyond what we can readily see and touch have always been part of our art and literature.

The word "myth" is so often misused to imply something is fictional. In fact, myths are merely stories or descriptions with relevance to a people or society -- and can be a product of fact, imagination, or both. "Mythography" is literally the artistic representation of mythical subjects. The term fits the idea I have behind this style: creation of mythical, storytelling scenes using a blend of imagination and the real world -- images that are at once artistic, whimsical, and in a sense, believable.

You've probably seen those cheesy 'fairy portraits' offered at chain stores. My goal is to take the fantasy theme beyond that kitschy approach, and instead aim for a level of timeless art with a mystical edge. Mythography Creations® is about weaving together reality and fantasy. It is about creating imaginative images that transcend everyday life, but with real people and "believable" scenes. If you are interested in becoming part of this storytelling, either by commissioning me to create a unique mystical portrait or collaborating with me to produce original works of art, please contact me to discuss the possibilities!

Themes of Mythography Creations®

Some of Jeff's favorite specialties and sub-types
image Telaria River: Incursion of Chaos -- full length fantasy novel in richly illustrated hardcover or ebook, or audiobook performance ##SEE ENTIRE WEBSITE SECTION#

Body of Art -- More of a methodology than a specific style, this involves designing a transformation of the model through use of body paint and/or other techniques. The change could range from a simple accent suggesting an other-worldly humanoid to creature creations or abstract designs that suggest or tell some sort of visual story. Jeff collaborates with talented body painters to bring his (or their) concept to life and create beautiful photographs. In some cases he does the body painting himself, or acts as the painted subject/model for the artist.

Have a look at my book 'Lines of Lymphoma' - a creative outlet during my recovery from cancer built on a collaboration of my words, body paint by Christalene Karaiskakis, and photography. Let me know what you think!

"Apparitions" -- A conceptual series that dares to dabble with the edges of the spirit worlds, capturing ethereal beings and/or those who seek them (or perhaps are haunted by them).

"FaerieWorld" -- Portraits and art from the realms of faerie, from traditional notions to original creations. (Not all faerie beings have wings!)

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